TimeChart is a comprehensive software package to produce, change and print a school or college timetable.

Current version: (released: 29/3/2019)

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Online Subject Selections

TimeChart's Online Subject Selections are a fantastic new way to collect your student subject choices online. Impress your students and parents with this simple to use portal.

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TimeChart Extra

TimeChart Extra is a software package to enter daily changes for a school timetable and cover teachers and rooms created by those changes.

Current version: (released: 22/02/2019)

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Latest News

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NSW EBS-3PI - Ongoing development updates available here


March 29, 2019 - Minor update to TimeChart (v6.7.0.48) available today. Update includes

  • New export function for Xuno student management system customers. The export function is available via Main Menu > Data Transfer > Xuno...
  • Improvements to displays of combined classes on teacher timetables. A combined class of two class codes will appear in order they appear TOP DOWN on the timetable. E.g. if Year 12 is above Year 11, then a teacher timetable might appear as FRE12/FRE11. If there are 3 or more combined classes, then an asterisk will be used to conserve display space e.g. FRE12/FRE11*
  • Ability to customise EBS transfer of timetable and student enrollment data - by year

February 22, 2019 - Minor update to TimeChart Extra (v6.7.0.17) available today. Update includes

  • Improvements to the ‘Show and clear ignored changes' option. This feature has been removed from the Main menu > Cover > Include years... menu
    and moved to the 'Main Menu > Preferences > Extras Lists section. Additionally, the [Clear all ignores] function has been relocated to the 'Cover changes' dialogue box for ease-of-use.
  • Improvements to the 'tab order' on the 'Change Teacher Absences' dialogue box. Pressing the [Tab] key now tabs through the settings skipping the [Remove Absence] option.
  • Improvements to the 'tab order' on the 'Add added staff' dialogue box. Pressing the [Tab] key now tabs through the settings in order within the dialogue box.
  • New feature request received at recent Sydney training. A [Remove absence] button has been added to the 'Change teacher absence' dialogue box.
  • New feature request received at recent Sydney training. When linking an 'added staff member' to an 'absent staff member', the dropdown list of staff available to
    link to is now only populated with staff actually absent.
  • New feature request - ability to have 2 sets of outgoing email servers for TimeChart Extra cover emails so that you can have one set for use when you are at work, and
    another different set for when you are at home.


TimeChart Training Opportunities

Are you interested in getting the most value from your TimeChart software and learning new skills to improve your timetabling efficiency? TimeChart will come out to your School and provide on-site training and timetable development services. Click here for more details...

AUCKLAND (New Zealand) TimeChart training May 24, 2019. Places now available book online here

SYDNEY (CBD) Training June 20-21, 2019. Places now available book online here.

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Upcoming Conferences & Events

NSW Deputy Principals Association Conference 2019

TimeChart will be attending the 2019 NSWSDPA conference (dates and details to be confirmed on their website http://nswsdpa.asn.au/annual-conference/