TimeChart is a comprehensive software package to produce, change and print a school or college timetable.

Current version: (released: 30/7/2018)

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Online Subject Selections

TimeChart's Online Subject Selections are a fantastic new way to collect your student subject choices online. Impress your students and parents with this simple to use portal.

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TimeChart Extra

TimeChart Extra is a software package to enter daily changes for a school timetable and cover teachers and rooms created by those changes.

Current version: (released: 25/5/2018)

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Latest News

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LMBR - Ongoing development updates available here


July 16, 2018 - Minor update to TimeChart (v6.7.0.26) available today. Update includes

  • Resolved an issue with printing timetables in colour. You can now print all timetables in colour again by going to Main Menu > Preferences and checking the 'Colour Printer' checkbox on any of the 4 preferences tabs.
  • Included additional functionality for NSW EBS data transfer - 'Timetable and timetable cell' transfer function within development
  • Fix for 'Delete selected tags functionality' which was hidden from common data screen
  • New feature - We have now include the room number in the subject timetable display screen per customer feature request
  • New feature - Ability to view the number of timeslots needed for each 'cell' on the worksheet as a visual aid in the development of
    a timetable solution per customer feature request.

June 18, 2018 - Minor update to TimeChart (v6.7.0.21) available today. Update includes

  • Feature request completed. New export function for Accelerus Student Administration system customers.
  • Subject code export update for SEQTA  customers.

May 4, 2018 - Minor update to TimeChart (v6.7.0.16) available today. Update includes

  • resolved range check error message when the 'show timetable' option is selected for an 'added staff' member
    during the manual cover process.

May 3, 2018 - Minor update to TimeChart (v6.7.0.13) available today. Update features include

  • Timetable 'print to PDF' update to ensure that subjects that do not count towards teacher loads are displaying correctly
  • Hints and Tips library updated

TimeChart Training Opportunities

Are you interested in getting the most value from your TimeChart software and learning new skills to improve your timetabling efficiency? TimeChart will come out to your School and provide on-site training and timetable development services. Click here for more details...

SYDNEY Mascot Training July 30-31, 2018. Places still available book online here.

Latest TimeChart YouTube Videos

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Upcoming Conferences & Events

Parkes - August 2018 - NSW Deputy Principals Association Conference

TimeChart will be attending the 2018 NSWSDPA conference (dates and details to be confirmed on their website http://nswsdpa.asn.au/annual-conference/

If you are a NSW State School, TimeChart staff will be available to demonstrate how TimeChart will integrate with the new DOE Software Integration System (part of the 3PI/LMBR process).