TimeChart is a comprehensive software package to produce, change and print a school or college timetable.

Current version: (released: 5/2/2020)

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Online Subject Selections

TimeChart's Online Subject Selections are a fantastic new way to collect your student subject choices online. Impress your students and parents with this simple to use portal.

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TimeChart Extra

TimeChart Extra is a software package to enter daily changes for a school timetable and cover teachers and rooms created by those changes.

Current version: (released: 6/11/2019)

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Latest News

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NSW EBS-3PI - Ongoing development updates available here

February 5, 2020 - Update to TimeChart (v6.7.0.69) available today. Update includes

  • Update to the copy/paste function in the worksheet. Copying to Excel now includes the number of time slots as an additional column (Our ref#1861)
  • Fix for software saving TCWP software files being saved into data folder rather than software installation directory (Our ref#1890)
  • New feature - ability to fix a student's subjects to a block. Within the edit student choices dialogue box, if the user ticks Fix Choices, the individual student choices cannot be edited by the user or by Time Chart. (Our ref #1925)
  • Update to text on Create Blocks dialogue box. Text change from 'Maximum class size' ... to 'Default maximum class size' to more accurately reflect function. (Our ref#1932)
  • Fix for Main Menu > Blocks > Move Subjects > Swap... menu item was not working. Now fixed. (Our ref#1947)
  • New feature: Copy blocks FROM worksheet. There is currently an option to copy blocks TO worksheet. Based on a user request, we have now included an option that works in reverse - allowing blocks that are already in the worksheet to be copied back to the block file table. (Our ref #2047)
  • Additional update regarding printing issue relating to 10 day timetables which were not fitting to single page when printing. (Our ref#2117)
  • Upgrade to the way passwords are encrypted and stored - now uses SHA-256 format in order to meet data security requirements. (Our ref#2124)
  • Updates to the 'Add Student' dialogue box to improve tab sort order and also to clear the email address in the next empty record when starting a new record (Our ref#2141)

November 6, 2019 - Minor update to TimeChart Extra (v6.7.0.32) available today. Update includes

  • fix for a range check error being displayed on some Past Extra's windows when
    using the 'copy' command.

TimeChart Training Opportunities

Are you interested in getting the most value from your TimeChart software and learning new skills to improve your timetabling efficiency? TimeChart will come out to your School and provide on-site training and timetable development services. Click here for more details...