Course #1 – Introduction to TimeChart (Half Day)

This course provides participants with an overview of how to use TimeChart functionality. Participants will work with a pre-developed timetable and experience the most commonly used functions and daily tasks in TimeChart. It is an ideal course for teachers and administrative staff who need information from the school timetable or who are responsible for student or staff changes.

Please note, this course does not instruct an attendee on how to develop a timetable, which is covered in Course #2.

In this session you will learn and experience:

  • how to log into TimeChart on your school network
  • how the TimeChart tool bars work and their functions
  • how to select a student, group of students or class list
  • how to view a student, student group and teacher timetable (both daily and weekly)
  • how to view ‘blocks’ of subjects
  • how to locate teachers or rooms free
  • how to link windows
  • how to name time slots
  • how to edit student choices
  • how to enter a timetable change for class, teacher or room
  • how to print selected areas of a timetable
  • how to develop an exam session program

Note: this course can also be provided on-site at your school around Australia. Please contact 03 9013 4516 or for details