Course #2 – TimeChart and Timetable Development (Full Day)

This course provides participants with an understanding of the strategies and tasks in developing a timetable for a school as well as the skills to use the relevant functions in TimeChart. In this session you will learn and experience:

  • investigating the principles of timetabling and strategies of timetable development
  • view samples of timetable solutions that meet different constraint scenarios
  • how to develop codes for teachers, rooms and subjects
  • enter and import data into TimeChart
  • develop blocks (lines) based on student choices and school constraints
  • Import data from Online Subject Selections
  • combine classes, rooms and teachers in a clash free timetable
  • learn how to generate and distribute a timetable to staff members

Note: this course can also be provided on-site at your school around Australia. Please contact 03 9013 4516 or for details.