Integration – Compass


NEWS: TimeChart to Compass SIF/LISS integration. 

TimeChart is now available with an all-new SIF/LISS based export integration system. This export function is now available in TimeChart v6.7.0.0 and later.


Please contact us at or your Compass Support Representative for additional assistance.

NOTE: if you have accidentally installed the Compass-add on function and would like to remove it, please download and run the following BAT file, unregisterChilkat_win32 (unzip the zip file and run the BAT file)

PREVIOUS TC6TRANS transfer function:

If you are not yet ready to use the new built-in export function, it is still possible to transfer data to Compass via TC6Trans (although we recommend using the new system above)

TimeChart exports data in a format ready to be imported into Compass. The following PDF will guide you on exporting data ready for Compass using our TC6Trans function which is available free-of-charge as part of your Support Plan

TC6Trans Instructions v1_2_10_13

TC6Trans v1_2_10_13 download