Integration – Compass

TimeChart exports data in a format ready to be imported into Compass. The following PDF will guide you on exporting data ready for Compass using our TC6Trans function which is available free-of-charge as part of your Support Plan

TC6Trans Instructions v1_2_10_13

TC6Trans v1_2_10_13 download

NEWS: TimeChart to Compass SIF/LISS integration. 

TimeChart is currently working on an all-new SIF/LISS based export integration system. Development of this export is nearing completion and set up and functionality is already available for preview in TimeChart v6.6.0.11. We are in the final testing phase and will update this page with news as soon as complete.

The following PREVIEW video will demonstrate how development is progressing

TimeChart Extra to Compass: SIF/LISS integration has not yet started. This process will start as soon as TimeChart export function above is completed.

(this update provided and valid as at 26/6/17)

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