Integration – LMBR

(updated 16/2/2018)

TimeChart is continuing work on this 3PI integration/testing and we are anticipating a release date of March 31, 2018.

(updated 27/11/2017)

TimeChart’s first test School approved and test environment URL provided to us by DET 3PI. TimeChart has begun testing data transfer integration process with real school data (in a controlled test environment).

(updated 24/10/2017)

TimeChart’s vendor on-boarding process has begun. On-boarding requires the vendor to implement a 3PI interface for their application. Subsequently, testing with the Department’s systems.
Once the vendor is on-boarded to 3PI, the Department encourages the vendor to on-board their schools.

Vendor on-boarding involves three remaining tests:Vendor on-boarding involves three remaining tests:

  • Logging onto DoE systems
  • Two way data transfer
  • Testing the application’s functionality via 3Pi

This process is now underway with our first NSW State Government High School.

(updated 24/8/2017)

TimeChart listed as ‘Started’ for supplier in testing on the 3PI School Website. For NSW State Schools, please login to your LMBR School Website to check and verify this status if interested. TimeChart’s first trial School engaged.

(updated 14/8/2017)

NSIP Assurance Certificate received. National Schools Inter-operability Program (NSIP) confirms that TimeChart successfully fulfils the requirements for SIF-AU compliance for the ‘Timetable’ use-case. This allows TimeChart to progress to direct integration testing with the NSW 3PI System (LMBR)

(updated 10/8/2017)

All timetable module items listed below have completed development. Meeting scheduled today at 4.30 pm for HITS/SIF integration testing by NSIP staff in order to progress to Stage 2 (See below). Today we will send out an e-newsletter inviting NSW State Secondary Schools to participate in a trial data transfer. If your School would like to participate, please check your e-newsletter for details or contact

Updated screenshot of current integration set up in TimeChart (click on thumbnail image below)

(updated 18/7/2017)

Update on progress on timetable module development progress to LMBR / HITS dashboard. The current work list is as follows

  • SchoolInfo – completed
  • StudentPersonal –  completed
  • StaffPersonal – completed
  • RoomInfo – completed
  • StudentSchoolEnrolment – completed
  • StaffAssignment – completed
  • SchoolCourseInfo (optional) – in progress
  • TimeTableSubject – in progress
  • TimeTable – in progress
  • TimeTableCell – in progress
  • TeachingGroup – in progress
  • ScheduledActivity (optional) – in progress

(updated 26/6/2017)

The NSW Department of Education is currently implementing a standardised student administration system for all NSW Public Schools as part of the Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR). As part of this process, TimeChart will be implementing a new, SIF-based, LMBR 3rd party implementation function.

Within TimeChart, this new function will referred to as the ‘LMBR-SIF‘ export and is located within the ‘Main Menu > Export…’ menu as follows:

LMBR Development Program

The process for development and timeline is as follows

Stage 1

Development of a web-based API which TimeChart will use to ‘GET’ (receive) and ‘POST’ (send) timetable data to a test website known as ‘HITS’. This website ‘simulates’ the new NSW 3rd party integration system (3PI).

Current Status: Web API v1 in test phase

Anticipated completion date: July 21, 2017

Stage 2

Review of TimeChart’s web-based API functionality by the NSW Department of Education with a view to confirmation of successful data transfer. This process will involve rigorous testing in a simulated School environment. Confirmation/completion will lead to TimeChart being listed as an ‘Available Timetabling Package’ in your school LMBR portal.

Current Status: awaiting completion of Stage 1

Anticipated completion date: early August 2017

Stage 3

Update to TimeChart will be made available to all customers with a valid Support Plan free-of-charge. TimeChart will also be available to demonstrate this new functionality, live, at booth #40 at the 2017 NSWDPA Conference to be held from Wednesday 30 August to Friday 1 September at the Hyatt Regency, Sydney.

Current Status: awaiting completion of Stage 2

Anticipated completion date: October 30, 2017

Please contact us at for additional assistance or questions relating to the LMBR implemenation, as it relates to your use of TimeChart. Please check back on this page regularly for updates. Updated information will also be communicated to you via our regular e-newsletter.