TimeChart 6 is a comprehensive software package to produce, change and print a school or college timetable. TimeChart provides many powerful tools for resolving student clashes. A major feature is the display of the timetable as a spreadsheet – the screen acts as a movable window on the complete timetable. Fully documented with PDF User Guide and online video tutorials.

April 2020 NOTE: TimeChart is no longer available for purchase

Flexible timetable structure

  • enter the number of years (from 1 to 25)
  • select the number of days in the cycle (e.g. 5 or 10-day cycle)
  • up to 32 time slots per day

Powerful algorithms

  • efficient algorithms to enter and change data
  • extensive functionality to swap, replace or clear large blocks of data
  • powerful student blocking functionality – automatic allocation of subjects into blocks which minimises student clashes
  • ability to split large subjects into smaller groups, or combine small subjects

Scaleable to your School

  • 400 teachers, rooms, 2500 subjects, 3000 students, 100 choices per student
  • clash help for alternate times, copy help and student choices
  • on-screen windows for help, teacher, room or subject timetables
  • balance subjects, solve clashes, add labels to timetable

Other additional functionality and features

  • TimeChart Extra for daily extras and teacher relief
  • a very flexible choice of printouts is available. E.g. print a year timetable for the week with selection by faculty.
  • student printouts: subject lists, students in period, students free, student timetables (daily or weekly), student enrolments.


  • whole school or selected by faculty.
  • teacher timetables, teachers or rooms free (multiple formats), teacher and subject periods.