Primary TimeChart

Primary TimeChart is a software package to produce, change and print timetables for Primary Schools.

Primary TimeChart is based on our current TimeChart, without the complexity required for Secondary Schools, and with additional features useful for Primary Schools. A User Manual is included with clear step-by-step instructions.

April 2020 NOTE: TimeChart is no longer available for purchase

Easy Timetable Creation

  • Define classrooms (class, teacher and room)
  • Define specialist teachers
  • Set unavailable times
  • Build specialist classes
  • Fill in classrooms
  • Build dialogue – point and click on empty clash-free times
  • Export to text file or copy to clipboard – all windows
  • Print preview – on all windows
  • Non contact time – shown for all teachers

Reports available

  • Main timetable
  • Class timetables
  • Weekly and daily timetables for students, teachers and rooms
  • Student class lists and special subject lists (e.g. instrumental music)
  • Teacher loads
  • Teachers free and rooms free