TimeChart Extra

TimeChart Extra is a software package to enter daily changes for a school or college timetable, cover needs (teachers and rooms) created by those changes, and print the results. TimeChart Extra requires the use of our main TimeChart software.

April 2020 NOTE: TimeChart is no longer available for purchase

TimeChart Extra is designed to add onto the TimeChart software, without needing any changes to existing data. This approach allows TimeChart Extra to make full use of timetable information already entered.

  • Print Preview – on all windows
  • Email notification – send cover information to absent teachers, cover teachers and added staff
  • Export to text file or copy to clipboard – all windows.
  • Extras time allotments can be set individually for each year and day.

Daily changes available in TimeChart Extra

  • Enter additional staff (emergency teachers), select who is available for the day, or link to an absent teacher
  • Absent teachers – select absent periods or full day
  • New classes (e.g. excursions) can be scheduled with staff/room needs
  • Lost classes – teachers with lost classes can take replacement classes
  • Merge classes together – combine two small classes with one teacher (Windows version only)
  • Swap rooms or make room unavailable for one or more periods
  • Changes can be cancelled, altered, or added to at any stage
  • Work ahead option lets you plan for camps or excursions in advance.

Covering those changes using TimeChart Extra

  • Accurate and informative suggestions of available teachers or rooms based on customisable parameters
  • Covering teachers or rooms can be altered, if required, from suggestions made by software
  • Option to automatically cover all changes  instantly, or be stepped though each cover and make selections from available options/alternatives

Available teacher and cover displays:

  • Screen display of all teachers available to cover an extra
  • Teachers shown in order – those with the lightest teaching load and least extras taken are shown first
  • Display of date of last extra, extras already taken, weekly extras taken, teaching load, extras in the last 10 days
  • Timeslot cover order can be changed to suit your requirements
  • Check for faculty match with subject. Check for match with teacher’s preferred time for extra
  • User-friendly toolbar for easy access to all changes, and context sensitive help

Lists of Daily Changes and Past Extras:

  • Daily Changes lists selected by period, absent teacher, covering teacher, emergency teacher, or year.
  • Past Extras lists selected by absent teacher, covering teacher, emergency teacher, or year
  • The date range for past extras can be customised