Training and Consultancy

Timetabling can be a huge responsibility and, at most schools, is one of the most complex of administrative tasks.

Here, at AMIG Systems, we have produced some of the most time and effort-efficient timetabling software available. However, knowing how to get the most from TimeChart and our suite of timetabling products, is as important as owning the software. With your purchase of any of our products you automatically receive a complimentary 12 month Support Plan, however, to further improve the timetable you will be able to produce, we provide the following training options:

Scheduled group-based professional development sessions

Next Session - Sydney October 19, 2018 - (Sydney CBD)

Note: if you would like training before this date, please contact us on 0403 495 401

On-site professional development and timetabling assistance

Available on request at your School