Web TimeChart

AMIG Systems’ Web TimeChart software package is designed to add timetables and subject lists to your school internet or intranet website.

April 2020 NOTE: TimeChart is no longer available for purchase

Web TimeChart publishes daily and weekly timetables, for teachers, students and rooms, onto web pages. It also publishes subject lists and roll class lists. The information used is drawn from your current timetable in TimeChart. Web pages are included, ready for you to add to your own website. The administrator guide includes full installation instructions. Details are also provided to help you tailor the web pages to suit the style of your School website. Web TimeChart is now also included free of charge with your TimeChart purchase or Support Plan renewal.
Web Time Chart

Utilises your current TimeChart timetable data

Web TimeChart works with live data from our timetabling software, TimeChart. When you make timetable or student changes in TimeChart, Web TimeChart uses your latest information to build the timetables and lists for your website.

Flexible Teacher Access

  • Teachers have access to teacher, room and student timetables
  • View any subject list or roll class list of students
  • Drop down list shows available students
  • Supervisor set how students are shown
  • Each subject, teacher or room code in a timetable is a link. Click on a subject code to see a student list for that subject. Click on a room code to see its timetable
  • Hover over a code to see its full name. E.g., hover to see the full subject name.
  • See which subjects you are taking, then click to see the students in a subject.
  • 22 web pages supplied to add to your website.
  • Full details of how to alter the pages to suit the style of your website.

Easy Student Access

  • Students, or their parents, can view their own timetable
  • Selection by Student ID to ensure privacy
  • View at home via the internet

Student Photos

  • Add your student images to show with student timetables.
  • Supervisor sets image position and size.
  • Images shown with teacher access
  • Add your own thumbnail images to show with class lists.
  • Print subject lists or roll class with each student’s image.

A demonstration site is available here

Username: admin, Password: admin

Example teacher code ‘ALOIDE’